Prepaid Private Card


Flexibility, control and convenience Sadeem fuel cards make your life easier by being a simple, cash-free alternative for purchasing fuel and oil on credit.

When you want the convenience of a prepaid card, the Sadeem Private card is the right choice. The Sadeem Private card is the easiest way to purchase fuel at your local service station. Your card is also the pass to the many convenience items at fuel stations.

Features and Benefits – For Individuals

  • High level of security
  • Quicker, more convenient and secure method of paying for your fuel
  • Prepaid card for self or family members
  • No need to hunt for change – Present card for payment at the time of fuelling
  • Ability to budget for fuel consumption – load money in advance on to the cards
  • Lost or Stolen card – No worries, report it and get the card replaced with terms and conditions