About Sadeem

Sadeem fuel card was officially launched by the Card Business Unit (CBU), Local Marketing in BAPCO ENERGIES. Sadeem is a personalized smart card for the payment of any product that service stations sell. The card today can be used at all Bapco Tazweed and private Service stations. the Sadeem usage is expanded to cover all the service stations in Bahrain. Sadeem was introduced to replace a paper based voucher system and also to give vehicle users a better, more efficient and secure payment alternative.

The card is available today in two formats; prepaid and credit basis. The prepaid is available to any person or organization and can be applied for and received at the same time.

The card is reusable and has to be loaded with money prior to usage.The card is sold at a nominal annual fee of BD 3/- for the individuals and BD 5/- for the corporates.